About the *NEW* venues!

So, things ultimately didn’t work out as we originally intended with Langness… C’est la vie, as the old French idiom/Irish pop song goes!

The ceremony will now take place in Port Erin, at the Foraging Vintners bar and winery. We’re very excited about this. Port Erin bay is another place that Melissa and her family love, having spent many a summer’s day down on the beach as the girls grew up. The winery also looks across the bay to Bradda, where Sue and Ken (Mel’s mum and stepdad) had their wedding reception on New Year’s Eve in 2005.

Melissa, Sam and ’90s Mark having fun on Port Erin beach

The reception will now be held at Ballachurry Farm orchard, Ballafesson, which is a 5 minute drive from Port Erin seafront.

Foraging Vintners (left), Ballachurry Farm orchard (right)
Makey (best man) and Jake (right) also like the seaside 🙂

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